This afternoon I decided to sit in meditation as preparation for a workshop I needed to spend some focused time on creating. I often do this, to sit prior to teaching, writing or creating, as a way to align myself to what I call my Source. In doing so it helps me to put my ego aside (the best I can) and step into the cosmic flow, allowing myself to move onto the path with least resistance.

Most days this works.

Today I set my intention:

“I commit myself to manifesting the Divine potential that resides in the cells of my physical body and the vibrational pattern of my energy body, and I offer my service to the healing and evolution of the Earth.”

As I repeated this mantra several times, I felt myself settle in. Spine tall, receptive like a divining rod, mind softening and giving way to the smooth pattern of my breath. It felt great.  This wave of conscious breath carrying me home to my center.  Then, without warning, my mind decided to jump off the safety of the wave of breath and dive into the murk of randomless thought. I began thinking about the topic of discussion I would be speaking on tonight in my workshop: Kumbhaka. Which translates to breath retention, btw.

I love this word. The long coo-mmm sound that feels soft on my tongue, and a lullaby to my ears. Then the crisp quick BA-KA! That snaps me into attention.

Coom-BA-KA!  Kum-bhaka! Kumbhaka, Cooom —bhaa—ka…

Hmm, Kumbhaka sounds a lot like Chewbacca. Chewbacca was a Wookiee, right? I wonder if the creators of Star Wars knew of the second stage of yoga, Kumbhaka, loved the sound as much as I do, and tinkered with it to make it into the name of one of their most dearly loved characters?  

Curious how Chewbacca never learned English, being an intelligent and loyal friend to Han Solo.  Han Solo could understand every guttural nuance and inflection of Chewie’s native tongue. I’d think English to be easier to learn than…hmm, what would Chewbacca’s language be? Wookiee?  

Interesting still, how Chewbacca, being a male, never wore pants. Or even a loin cloth for that matter. Was his shaggy body coat long enough to cover his male endowments? Or does his species carry their genitalia inside their body? Wonder if there is a Star Wars fan site that covers these character background details?

Oh, yea. Meditation. Aligning to Source. Setting aside ego. Preparation for workshop. Teaching workshop tonight. Kumbhaka.

Still sounds like Chewbacca. I never did see the last Star Wars that came out.  Wonder if it is out on Netflix.


Is this the best you can do Lynsie, considering your lofty intention?

The ancient yogis were right.  Meditation can take you to galaxies far, far away.  Although, I am fairly certain, this is not what they meant.

Yea, this is how meditation goes sometimes.

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