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Insight Timer – Teacher

Lynsie offers transformative classes that weave sacred sound, asana, breath, self-inquiry, and meditation in a unique way that ignites the energies of the Divine Feminine so that you align to your most magnificent self. Become the radiant magnet that attracts the love, abundance, freedom, beauty, and prosperity you deserve.

Insight Timer is a meditation app that features an extensive free meditation library. The easy-to-navigate app is good for beginners and great for advanced students of meditation. Insight Timer also has live events like yoga, mood tracking, private mentoring, and workshops available.

The Power of The Breath


This set of instructional and informative videos are designed to teach you how to utilize the power of the breath to transform your life. By learning how to consciously shape your breath you can easily manage stress and tension, boost your immune system, feel more energy and vitality, find clarity and be more focused, sleep better and even feel a deeper connection to Self and your purpose. These videos are great tools for yoga practitioners who desire more from their practice, meditators who want to have a deeper meditation experience or those who want to have a better quality of life.

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