The Complete Practice

A Yogic Experience

Did you know there is more to yoga than just asana?  That there is a mastery and science to yoga that empowers you to deeply nourish and heal the body, steady the mind and reunite you with your heart.  Unfortunately, in the modern hustle of life, much of this time-tested wisdom has been set aside for quick fix classes that focus only on the physical aspect of our being.

If you want to experience the extraordinary benefits of what yoga can offer, you must dive deeper and explore a broader spectrum of these teachings. Understanding how to combine which movements, breathing practices, and meditations that are best for your current needs can be confusing, even for yoga teachers.

This is why I am offering a series called The Complete Practice.  Each TCP focuses on one goal and includes the practices that will support your intention.  Practices include asana (postures), pranayama (breathing), meditation, yoga nidra and self-inquiry.

Take the time to completely nourish your nervous system, steady the mind and find ease in your body.  When the correct postures are married to the right breathing, meditation and kriya techniques, the effects can be extraordinary.

Lynsie has introduced me to the practice that integrates the breath with the movement of the body, mind and the spirit. I have learned the concept of conscious breathing; how to maximize my limited lung capacity, and how to reduce stress and anxiety by controlling the breath.  I have to say that my favorite thing about Lynsie is how her guided meditations enable me to connect and to hear from my God. She knows the importance of nourishing the spirit, whomever you recognize as your source.

Flora P.

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