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Some spiritual traditions use the analogy of the human heart as a polished mirror that reflects the light of our Highest Self. Most of my life the mirror of my heart was covered with accumulated layers of suffering – physical pain, depression, heartache, grief, anger, blame, regret, even shame.  I couldn’t see clearly who I was at a core level, yet deeply yearned to live with purpose and longed for trusted connection with my inner guidance.

With each passing year the residue kept getting thicker, and my discomfort greater.  It wasn’t until I felt completely broken and lost that I finally listened to the calling of my heart.  Only then was I able to begin the journey to HEAL, TRANSFORM & THRIVE.

It wasn’t easy.  I stumbled, a lot.  Got angry, inspired, confused and clear.  I’ve experienced how arduous the journey can feel, but have also learned it doesn’t have to be this way.  Not if you have the right help from the right mentors, teachers and guides.  After more than a decade of diving deep, I now share the knowledge I have acquired with women who desire profound change, who long for a fulfilled life and a deep connection to the sacred.  I offer them the tools and knowledge I wish I had from day one so that they too can HEAL their relationship to their bodies, TRANSFORM worn out beliefs, and THRIVE from an empowered place.

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Lynsie offers transformative classes that weave sacred sound, asana, breath, self-inquiry, and meditation in a unique way that ignites the energies of the Divine Feminine so that you align to your most magnificent self. Become the radiant magnet that attracts the love, abundance, freedom, beauty, and prosperity you deserve.

Insight Timer is a meditation app that features an extensive free meditation library. The easy-to-navigate app is good for beginners and great for advanced students of meditation. Insight Timer also has live events like yoga, mood tracking, private mentoring, and workshops available.


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If you tend to get lost in a group, feel as if you need specific, laser focused guidance and want to ensure the support you receive is tailored to your needs and desires, 1:1 mentorship & coaching is the bridge that will enable you to create the life you desire.

My private coaching and mentorship is a personalized experience that gently envelops you in the guidance, support and accountability you need most to reconnect you to your sacred wisdom, dissolve barriers that have kept you stuck, and activate your innate power to realize a life filled with wonder, abundance, love, clarity and magic.  I will be your guide, step-by-step so that you stay on path, don’t give up on yourself or your dreams, and help you become your most magnificent self.

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