Ah, spring. 

The promise of new beginnings, but as I was walking last night I also noticed how quickly it passes.  It seems we wait an eternity for it to arrive and when we see the first bud break free from confines of seed, soil or casing our hearts delight.  Each week of spring a new color explodes on the horizon while simultaneously older blossoms wilt and fall away.  A short brilliant life gone within a week’s span.  That short life brought promise, joy and hope of lighter and happier days to come. 

While walking a familiar path last evening, I was in awe of how much had changed in only a few days.  Daffodils were gone, red buds falling like rose colored snow to the forest floor while mountain laurel, new on the scene, wafted their intoxicating perfume under my nose.  Trees barren two weeks ago were already providing a canopy of green shelter. 

As we get older, time becomes more precious.  Yet, like many, we put our treasures away and forget their value.  Nearing 50, I feel more of a call to step in and live this life more fully. To not waste the treasure of time. I call out to the souls who endeavor to do the same.  I hear a multitude of excuses all rooted in lack; lack of time, money, resources. 

What I want to say in response is, you are right; you don’t have time!  If you want life to be fuller, then take measures now. Waiting until the kids are grown, or worse graduated from college, or until you have more money in your bank account or less responsibilities, or waiting for a moment when there isn’t anything on the calendar, doesn’t fill the soul NOW. 

What I have learned is we must invest in our own well-being, to fill our cup, to create the experiences that will make the ordinary moments of life feel more extraordinary.  Don’t wait years for a time when you are so depleted, lost and unraveled to make an investment in you.  Do it now, so that you and your life bloom like a never-ending spring.   

As my teacher, Yogarupa Rod Stryker, says often, “Don’t postpone your happiness.”

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