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Accessing the Heart

At Santosha Yoga

February 19th, 2022

Yoga Sutra 1:36, says there is a light within you that lights the whole world.  It is free from sorrow and anguish, past pains and limiting beliefs.  The abode of the heart is where this light resides.  When you tap into that light, you experience your innate joy, infinite wisdom and your highest truth. Your mind becomes luminous from this inner light and you become more empowered and infused with the knowledge that you are the light you seek, the love you feel is missing,  the unlimited abundance and joy you crave.

In this mini-immersion you will:

  • Learn 4 key practices that dissolve the barriers to your well-being, so that you can access the spiritual heart and the light of who you are.
  • Discover the internal blocks that have been keeping you from living a life filled with  joy, abundance and inspiration. 
  • Leave with a clear understanding on the steps to stay connected to your innate power, so that you create a life from a place of true wisdom, guidance and trust.
  • Create an identity statement to take with you and use as a constant reminder of your innate will, power, and divine light.


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