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Women & Mother Earth, Nourishing the Inner & Outer Ecosystem

Reconnect to the power of Gaia through soulful, earth-based practices that reawaken & restore the soul seeds of ancient wisdom in your DNA.


Sunday, April 23, 2023

9:30 am – 12:23 pm

IronWolf Training


Gaia, as Mother Nature, personifies the entire ecosystem of Planet Earth. She also exists within us. Historically, women have had a deeper connection and understanding of Mother Nature and the wisdom that overflows from her rich soils, vast oceans, and mountains and resides within every living organism.

In this gathering of women, you will reconnect to the power of Gaia through soulful, earth-based practices that reawaken the soul seeds of ancient wisdom in your DNA. These practices will also enliven your spirit and replenish parts of you that feel undernourished and exhausted.

Gathering together in community, you remember who you are at your core and that you have great power to create incredible change, first within the ecosystem of your own body, then in the greater ecosystem.

Through a systematic Gaia Goddess practice you will get grounded, deeply nourished, and create space for your intuitive and feminine wisdom to come alive again.

Women are the next level of leadership and protectors of Mother Earth.

Now, more than ever is the time for women to gather together and unlock their hidden potential. To evolve into your full capacity, you must awaken and nurture your feminine energies and powers.

When women reestablish their connection to the Earth and their innate core, they can create a new paradigm for living, loving, working, and leading that nurtures themselves, their communities, and Mother Earth. Come discover how.

The immersive experience includes,

Yoga asana – to connect to the stabilizing, grounding, and deeply nourishing Earth-based energy of the female body

Pranayama ( breathing practices) – to restore balance between the ecosystem of your body and mind

Meditation – to invoke ground into the power of stillness and inner wisdom of Gaia

Deep relaxation – to reawaken the wisdom and healing of your ancestors

Community – be held, supported, and nurtured in a sacred space

Inquiry and reflection exercises – to deepen your connection to Mother Earth

Guidance from Lynsie McKeown, Women’s Spiritual Empowerment Coach, and Sacred Facilitator

By the end of this immersion, you will have a,

  • Renewed connection and understanding of your relationship with Gaia
  • A specific Goddess practice to enhance the qualities of Mother Earth within you: groundedness, stability, nourishment, & ancestral wisdom
  • Deeper sense of awe and reverence for your own inner ecosystem
  • New community of women to call upon for support
  • Heart full of inspiration and guidance

A sliding scale is provided to those needing support. Please consider the value of this immersion, what you can afford, and how your generous donation makes it possible to offer a sliding scale for other women to attend.

Awaken the Divine Feminine

The Journey to Awakening

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Now is the time that you embody your intrinsic feminine strength, wisdom, power and beauty so that you live a life filled with abundance, wonder, freedom and joy.  


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