Events & Workshops


Women’s Autumnal

Equinox Retreat 


September 19-23, 2024

With your guides,
Lindsay Crawford and Lynsie McKeown


When we choose to move away from the familiar and embrace the mystery of the unknown, we invite a new way of being into our lives — one in harmony with the Divine Feminine and Nature Herself.

During this retreat, we’ll explore our untamed essence to uncover hidden truths and awaken what’s ready to emerge.


Yoga Revival

IronWolf Training

Revive your connection to Spirit through the ancient practices and teachings of yoga. When your spirit is fed, your mind, body and heart thrive.

Each class will focus on reviving our connection to spirit, inner guidance and community through sacred movement, breath, sound, deep rest and meditation. When our connection to spirit is strong, our bodies are invigorated, our minds steady and our hearts clear and full of joy. When we practice together we awaken the remembrance that we are not alone and we are all interconnected.
Yoga is one of the most complete practices to harness the power of mind, body, heart and spirit when all the elements of a practice are brought together. Save the time for yourSelf and come experience the yoga revival!

* If this offer deeply resonates with your heart and funds are limited, simply reach out to me and we can find an option that allows you to get what you need and be in community. Your presence matters!


Rewrite HER-Story

 A Women’s History Month Immersive Experience 

March 30, 2024
12:30 – 4:30 pm


For centuries, historical narratives have shaped women’s lives. Whether conscious or not, our held stories and beliefs influence our destinies. Breaking free from unhealthy beliefs is crucial for women to step into their power. At this pivotal point between HIS-tory and HER-story, the choice is ours – to repeat the past or boldly craft a new story written by women.
Join a gathering of heart-centered women, co-lead by two powerful guides,  Lynsie McKeown and Iya Osunkemi Karade, to celebrate Women’s History Month.  In this immersive 4-hour experience, you’ll explore ways to reclaim your power and reshape your narrative, becoming the author of your destiny. Engage in interactive conversations, group connection, community, and guided practices of self-inquiry, journaling, yoga, meditation, and deep rest to fully embody and empower this new version of yourself.


This is for adult women (25+) who:
+Yearn for a supportive, inclusive community of women.
+Aspire to break toxic cycles hindering goals and deeper connections.
+Seek tools to become the master creators of their life.
+Desire to tap into inspiration, intuition, and insight.
+Are willing to boldly take charge of the direction of their lives through spiritual practice, ritual, and radical responsibility.
Women will:
+Embody true power and heighten awareness.
+Connect with like-hearted women.
+Leave rested, empowered, and confident.
+Gain insights into societal influences.
+Break free from limiting beliefs and reshape narratives.
+Acquire practical tools for lasting change.
+Deepen their connection to their intuition and inner wisdom.
This immersion includes:
+Embodied practices: yoga, meditation, and deep rest.
+Reflective and revelatory writing exercises.
+Mentorship from two veteran spiritual teachers (40+ years experience).
+Opportunities to connect with like-hearted women in a loving and supportive community.
+Guidance through different layers of self for greater power and truth.
No prior yoga or writing experience is necessary. This immersion is designed to be inclusive for all women.
Lynsie McKeown is a Women’s Spiritual Empowerment Coach, an initiate of the Himalayan Tantric lineage of Sri Vidya, a Yoga and Meditation Educator, a certified Neuroencoding Specialist, TedX Speaker, and global Radio Show Host of Women Thriving, Unapologetically on the world’s leading live internet talk radio network, VoiceAmerica.
Her passion lies in empowering women to awaken their full feminine capacities so they can unravel the knots that hold them to unhealthy standards of beauty, success, relationships, wealth, and health. She leads powerful, transformative mentorship programs for women who want to experience the freedom and abundance that comes from diving deeply into the sacred abode of the heart.
Iya Osunkemi Karade is a priestess of Oshun, initiated at the Ile Imole Ifa Temple in East Orange, NJ. Her spiritual practices have developed over her lifetime, culminating in this priesthood and service to her community. She offers spiritual readings and guidance privately, following the guidelines of her Ifa practice and priestly initiation. Iya Osunkemi is also a mother, wife, grandmother, caretaker, educator, student, and transformational coach.


Awaken the Divine Feminine

The Journey to Awakening

Get the simple framework to become the magnet for what you want, to attract your dreams in your health, finances, relationships, spiritual purpose and career.

Now is the time that you embody your intrinsic feminine strength, wisdom, power and beauty so that you live a life filled with abundance, wonder, freedom and joy.  



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