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Stoke Your Inner Fire

Kali Immersion

If you are feeling stuck and unable to make, and stick to, changes that give you more freedom, space and deep spiritual connections then Kali, the Dark Mother, can help.

Kali is the fiercest of all the warrior goddesses and is known for her swift pure action in service of your Soul’s growth. Goddess Kali is the ally of the Soul and she will stop at nothing to give you everything that is aligned with your Highest purpose. Invoking Kali energy through yoga asana, pranayama, meditation and ritual are potent ways to dissolve blocks of fear, overwhelm, stress and feelings that you are not doing enough. Her energy will awaken your courage, strength and will power so that you can move through the toughest challenges in your life and be met with wild, joyous freedom.  

On Sunday, August 7th, I will lead you through a practice that invokes Kali’s powerful energies that will enliven you and awaken new energy, motivation and inspiration you didn’t know you had.


In this immersion you will,

🔥 Gain an understanding of who the Goddess Kali is and how to use her archetype to find deep, meaningful love for yourself and to have the courage to follow your dreams

🔥 Discover how Kali can help you find your voice and channel your anger and frustration in a clear, powerful and effective way

🔥Learn 5 Kali practices that awaken your power to dissolve unhealthy habits, destroy lifelong beliefs that you are not worthy, unravel psychic knots that keep you stuck and afraid, and liberate you from old attachments

🔥Leave feeling empowered, courageous, strong and aligned with your Soul

🔥Discover the wild, unapologetic Divine Feminine spirit within you


Some knowledge of asana and pranayama is recommended. If you are pregnant, you are welcome to come and learn, however modifications will be necessary for the asana practices.  

 IronWolf Training



Space is limited so please SIGN UP in advance.  Put KALI Immersion in the comments box so I know what the payment is for and can save your spot and send you more details.

Awaken the Divine Feminine

The Journey to Awakening

Get the simple framework to become the magnet for what you want, to attract your dreams in your health, finances, relationships, spiritual purpose and career.

Now is the time that you embody your intrinsic feminine strength, wisdom, power and beauty so that you live a life filled with abundance, wonder, freedom and joy.  


Accessing the Heart

At Santosha Yoga

February 19th, 2022

Yoga Sutra 1:36, says there is a light within you that lights the whole world.  It is free from sorrow and anguish, past pains and limiting beliefs.  The abode of the heart is where this light resides.  When you tap into that light, you experience your innate joy, infinite wisdom and your highest truth. Your mind becomes luminous from this inner light and you become more empowered and infused with the knowledge that you are the light you seek, the love you feel is missing,  the unlimited abundance and joy you crave.

In this mini-immersion you will:

  • Learn 4 key practices that dissolve the barriers to your well-being, so that you can access the spiritual heart and the light of who you are.
  • Discover the internal blocks that have been keeping you from living a life filled with  joy, abundance and inspiration. 
  • Leave with a clear understanding on the steps to stay connected to your innate power, so that you create a life from a place of true wisdom, guidance and trust.
  • Create an identity statement to take with you and use as a constant reminder of your innate will, power, and divine light.


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