A Woman’s Journey to Awakening

Do you ache for a life where you feel alive, happy and fulfilled?  Where you are not held down and heavily burdened by self-doubt, overwhelm and fear? 

Do you feel a deep desire within for change?  Change in the way you see and honor yourself, others and the world?  Yet are uncertain how to move forward?

Have you tried countless yoga and spiritual practices, read numerous self-help books, and studied the Law of Attraction, yet are still stuck?

 Do you feel the frustration of living the same life on repeat?   Repeating the same quality of relationships, the same jobs, the same life, year after year, without significant, positive change? 

Do you continue to tell the same story of what is lacking, missing or impossible for you to achieve?

Do you feel the desire to connect deeply with other women on a spiritual and personal growth path and have the support and understanding of a sacred community?

Do you want to live an inspired life, one that is in alignment with your Soul and guided by inner wisdom?

Stories and beliefs hold great power.  The question is, do the beliefs you hold and the stories you weave around your finances, relationship, career, health, or life help or hinder you?

Unfortunately, as women, our stories are heavily influenced by old concepts, beliefs and ideas defined by a distorted patriarchal view of what it means to be a woman, what our roles are, and what we are capable of achieving.  These distorted beliefs have dampened our intuition, suppressed our voice and undermined our sacred wisdom.  Over centuries, each generation has passed on these false concepts and limitations as truths until they’ve become deeply buried within the subconscious.  Hidden within, these beliefs limit, confine and sabotage us with doubt, fear, insecurity and mistrust in ourselves.   These buried beliefs will continue to shape our current reality until each of us DECIDES to dive in and do the good work to disempower the inner confines and step into alignment with our Soul’s radiant power.

How do you know if you are out of alignment?  You know because you feel it.  You feel it in your body as fear, overwhelm, anxiety, stress, body aches, pains or dis-ease.  You also hear it as the dialogue of self-doubt, repetitive judgments and negative self-talk.  When you are out of resonance with your heart, clear messages arise in the form of emotions or sensations of depression, heaviness, agitation, anger or even resentment.

Forcing yourself to fit a distorted mold that doesn’t honor your body regardless of size, shape or color, the intelligence of your mind, the sacred wisdom of your heart or your inherent gifts, leaves you feeling downsized, downplayed and contained in a box far too small.  There comes a time when the discomfort becomes too unbearable, and the calling to reclaim your gifts, your voice and your power can no longer be ignored.

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” ~ Anais Nin


Quite frankly, what you desire is always going to be outside of your current comfort zone and either your unconscious beliefs and fears will keep you frozen or your mistrust in yourself will inhibit you from getting what you want.  You need someone to help you get unstuck, to move out of the comforts of your known habits, to help you identify your hidden patterns, and cultivate the courage to step into the unknown, where the newness of your life awaits. We all desire more.  Whether that be a greater sense of purpose, better job, more stability, a deeper connection to spirit, to feel healthier in mind and body, or a happy, loving relationship.  The question is, why do you not already have it?

2021 will be your year to HEAL | TRANSFORM | THRIVE

How would you feel if you had an unwavering sense of community supporting you as you HEAL old wounds, TRANSFORM your darkest beliefs, and rewrite your story into one in which you THRIVE with purpose, grace, ease and clarity?

What if you can start living in a way where you trust your own intuition and gifts?  Where you feel clearly aligned with your most essential, authentic and true self?

What if you had an unshakeable trust in your own power, beauty, wisdom and capabilities?

What if you had a toolbox full of potent practices you could intelligently choose from to support you during any challenge in life?

What if you had a spiritual practice and rituals that empowered you to meet all challenges in life from a calm, unshakeable, and clear perspective?

How would your life change if you trusted your inner wisdom and allowed it to be the steady guide and calm foundation from which you live, love and lead in your life?



If you are seeking a deeper understanding of who you are and what is possible in this one short life you’ve been given, yet are at a standstill as to how to move forward, its time. It is time to step into community and start the process of rewriting your story.  Through over a decade of study, I have pulled together the most profound eastern and western practices into a clear, concise and easy to understand approach that will help you quiet the chatter of negative self-talk and relentless doubt, disempower unhealthy habits and reestablish a connection to inner wisdom and clear insight.  These time-tested processes will allow you to experience the essence of who you are, what is possible, and empower your will.  It takes time, consistency and guidance.  The techniques work.  And the effects last.

I can say without a doubt that Lynsie McKeown has been one of the greatest blessings I have received, and continue to. It is hard to describe the gem that is Lynsie, and the incredible work she does as a yoga and meditation teacher, intuitive healer, spiritual guide, and energy worker. If you are committed to your healing and transformation, and ready to do the work, Lynsie is the person to go to. 

~Zawadi N.

HEAL | TRANSFORM | THRIVE – A Woman’s Journey to Awakening  is a 16-week transformational and mentorship program that is designed to support women on a spiritual path to HEAL their relationships to their bodies, self and others, to TRANSFORM a faulty and limited belief system to one that enlivens and uplifts, so that they can THRIVE in alignment with their purpose, realize their full potential, and live the life they desire and deserve.

During this deep dive you will explore the power of storytelling and how the stories you tell yourself, consciously or unconsciously, dictate your health, wealth, happiness, and well-being.  You will learn how to weave the power of mind, body and spirit together to create the strongest foundation for growth, enabling you to rewrite a new, long-lasting story that is rooted in unshakeable self-trust, courage, clear insight, self-compassion and indominable will.

By joining together with other women, you will experience the power of a sacred community that honors the beauty, wisdom and power of the divine feminine.  You’ll be uplifted, strengthened, heard, seen and honored.   Together you will rise faster and steadier, while learning from one another and growing together.   Working together the process becomes easier so that you can HEAL the relationship to the body, rewire and TRANSFORM the beliefs, so that you can empower yourself to THRIVE, being and living the change you want to see in the world.

This embodied journey assists you in learning the powerful transformative tools that you will continue to use throughout your life, so that you feel emboldened, empowered and clear on how to transform any aspect of your life at any point you desire.

Each month you will learn new skills to help you connect to and strengthen your connection to your own wisdom while simultaneously dissolving old habits and patterns that keep you living a repetitive, lackluster life.  With practice and continuing support, you will develop an unwavering trust in yourself, build confidence and an understanding on how to shift your life in the direction of your souls calling.

When you cultivate a clear understanding of Self, you become centered on a foundation of truth, clarity, courage and wisdom.  Without a connection to Soul it becomes increasingly difficult to stay on path with career, life, family and health.  This steady foundation is like the hub or center of a wheel.  Each spoke is an aspect of your life, career, family, wealth, health, happiness, etc.  When you remain centered all aspects of life flow with greater ease.

In rewriting your story, you rewrite history.  You empower yourself to live the life you desire and deserve, while paving the way for future women to walk with confidence, grace, presence and power.


  • Unique to this program, you will learn time tested, ancient techniques that help you heal the body, steady the mind and align you with spirit in conjunction with modern neuroscience to ensure a complete approach to long lasting transformation.  A transformation that will leave you with a clear sense of your inner guidance, the sacredness of your body, mind and soul, while developing an unwavering self-trust and your ability to fulfill your deepest desires.

HEAL | TRANSFORM | THRIVE – A Woman's Journey to Awakening begins April 15th, 2021

Are you ready, to HEAL your relationship to your body?  To stop measuring your waistline as if it were a measure of worth? To stop shrinking yourself so small you are barely seen?  Are you ready to heal the wounds of the past and mend the brokenness of your heart?

 Are you willing to examine the patterns, habits and beliefs you’ve adopted that limit you, keep you stuck, and living feeling unfulfilled, uneasy and uncertain?

Are you feeling inspired to TRANSFORM into the woman who trusts her intuition, her body’s wisdom, and the guidance of her own heart?

If so, please click bellow to set up a FREE discovery session with Lynsie.  You will learn more about the program and if it is the right fit for you.  Until then, many blessings.

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