The Mahavidyas

A 12 month

The Goddess, according to Tantra, is the most powerful form in the Universe because she is the Universe.  Each of us holds elemental energies of her within us, called shaktis that represent different aspects of divine consciousness.

When you fully awaken these energies within you, you

  • fully embody your highest potential for living  
  • shift your circumstances internally, which leads to a profound shift in your external circumstances
  • deepen your capacity for living with passion and depth
  • develop an unwavering spiritual connection, giving you a new level of certainty and trust where you feel more grounded, safe, held and steady. 
  • awaken your capacity to receive more love, abundance, ease, creativity, health and wealth
  • stop struggling and pushing so hard to make things happens and start to flow easefully with life’s changes

When you don’t have a strong connection to your innate capacities and to the divine you feel untethered and subject to the whims and changes of life happening all around you.

Tell me if this resonates… You feel you need to:

  • control your circumstances to feel safe and certain 
  • make things happen because you don’t fully trust that you are supported
  • push harder in order to overcome obstacles
  • overdo or over give to meet expectations, to feel seen, special or good enough
  • put others needs before your own
  • project your fears onto the future because you don’t want to recreate the past

Now is the time that you embody your intrinsic feminine strength, wisdom, power and beauty.

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Without a consistent connection to the power of the divine feminine, you lose the ability to self-soothe, self-honor, and self-nurture yourself into a surrendered, easeful, and trustful state.  You constantly feel a sense of uncertainty, hence unsteadiness, at all times, at some level, at some intensity. 

When you cultivate a spiritual connection, you get your roots deep into the ground, like a massive oak, so that you always feel supported, held and nourished.  Only  then can you live with a level of certainty, faith, positivity, freedom, confidence and trust. 

The Mahavidyas are the 10 Great Wisdom Goddesses that represent distinct aspects of divinity.  As a spiritual practice, they offer a roadmap to awakening to your divine potential and to your most vibrant, joyous and fullest expression of life. 

There is a lot to learn and unlearn during this progression, but when you take the time to awaken each goddess’s shakti,  you bring that life force alive within you and your life.  You experience your wholeness and oneness through your connection to these aspects of the divine feminine. 

There is no magic pill or short-cut to awakening.  This takes time, and you must honor the process and allow a gentleness and a tenderness to come into your transformative process.  You must let go of the need to have it now.  That only blocks your ability to thrive, be happy and find effortless flow in your life.

Giving yourself the space and time to honor these Goddesses, month by month, you are taking the time to not only awaken their power within you, but you are also learning how to honor and be in awe of yourself as a divine being.

This is a journey to becoming what you desire to create in your life.  You become a magnet for all that you desire to attract, hence you manifest with greater ease, with more fun and joy and in less time.

The divine shakti lives within the hearts of all of us regardless of age, culture, social standing, gender, and every label and form of identity.  We all have the ability to awaken her fierceness, compassion, her strength, beauty, resilience, courage, will power and creativity.

If you have sensed that something profoundly important is missing from a world in which the power of the divine feminine is not understood and in which women themselves are out of touch with their own Shakti, and if you desire to experience the force of feminine strength and all the flavors of feminine love and compassion for yourself and others, then I invite you to take the Journey to Awakening.

The Journey to Awakening

Month 1

Introduction to Goddess Practices and opening ceremony. “learn more” 

Month 2

Kali, Goddess of Revolution & Dissolution.
“learn more” 

Month 3

Tara, Goddess of Compassion & Protection.
“learn more”

Month 4

Shodashi, Goddess of Erotic Spirituality.
“learn more”

Month 5

Bhuvaneshwari, Goddess of Infinite Space & Possibility. “learn more”

Month 6

Matangi, Goddess of Language, Insight & Sound.
“learn more”

Month 7

Chinnamasta, Goddess of Radical Self-Transcendence. “learn more”

Month 8

Dhumavati, Goddess of Deep Sleep, Disappointment & Letting Go. “learn more”

Month 9

Bagalamukhi, Goddess of Stillness.
“learn more”

Month 10

Bhairavi, Goddess of Destruction & Creation.
“learn more”

Month 11

Kamala, Goddess of Abundance, Beauty & Wealth. “learn more”

Month 12

Full embodied Goddess practice and closing ceremony. “learn more”

Once a month

you will invoke and embody a new Goddess.  Through a combination of contemplations, mantras, personal exercises (sometimes asana), pranayama, and meditations you will access the divine connection in different ways.  Some will be psychological.  However, some will draw on the Tantra yoga tradition, like visualization and invocation that aim to help you recognize the subtle powers in yourself and the world.

Each of the goddesses

have a different essence of shakti that is unique.  You’ll find you will connect to some more than others.  The more you get to know them, the more they can uplift aspects of you that may have been ignored or dormant, so that you can embody your super powers. When you embrace them all, you embrace and wholly  love and accept yourself.  

Working with the goddess

energies gives you access to a power that works on a deeper level than is available through conventional psychology. The transformative power of goddess energies can untangle psychic knots, and can transform the mind and heart. She can cleanse the emotional and mental bodies, put you in touch with the protective powers within, and change the way you see the world, others and yourself.  

For women especially,

tuning into goddess energies is a way of accessing parts of ourselves and life-energy that we may never have fully understood, appreciated or owned.

Take the full 12-month journey or step in for one or a few goddesses of your choosing.

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You will receive:

  • An online 2.5-hour immersive master class each month (Value $3000)
  • Recordings of each immersion to keep (Value $1500)
  • Written descriptions, mantras, yantras and images of each goddess 
  • Compilation of contemplations & practices for deeper self-inquiry into how to embody each goddess and dissolve barriers to her energies (Value $600.00)
  • An audio meditation for each goddess. 10 in total.  (Value $800)
  • Access to a private Facebook group (for 12-month enrollees only) for extra practices, contemplations, building community and connection, and receive mentoring and Q&A from Lynsie during the weeks in between sessions (Priceless)
  • A la carte 1:1 private sessions are available for enrollees for a special price $175.00 ( Value $250.00)
  • Total value of the full immersive experience = $5900.00

When we meet:

We gather together in sacred practice, ceremony, self-inquiry and in-depth conversations on the

4th Saturday every month from 9:00am-11:30pm EST.

This is a profoundly immersive

and empowering experience for women who want to live in alignment to their highest potential, flow through life with more ease and grace and be a magnet that attracts abundance, beauty and joy.  

Therefore, it is important

to see this as a GIFT to yourself.  This is a unique opportunity to slow down, go inward, open up to the goddess within you, so that healing and transformation can happen.  The energies of the goddesses will enliven you and lead you to true thriving and abundance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I miss a session?

If you cannot attend a session, it will be recorded and yours to keep. 

How do I get the most out of this experience?

Take the full 12-month journey and join the Facebook group so that you have the opportunity to ask questions that inevitably come up on a spiritual journey and receive support and mentoring every week for a full year.

The more you show up for yourself, participate and bring the goddess energies into your daily life, the more you will experience amazing shifts within you and your life. 

I want to join the 12-month journey but I don’t have the full $2100.

Not to worry.  Payment plans are available so that you can dive in now and awaken the divine within. Once you commit to the goddess (hence yourself), she will show up for you in profound ways and your investment will come back to you in beautiful ways.

The more you show up for yourself, participate and bring the goddess energies into your daily life, the more you will experience amazing shifts within you and your life. 

Some of the goddesses frighten me. Should I worry?

The goddesses represent aspects of you.  Cultivating a goddess practice helps you understand why you might be afraid of your own innate power, beauty and strength.  The goddess energies heal the broken bond between you and your highest Self so that you can confidently claim all aspects of yourself.  When you do, you become what you seek. You become the full embodiment of the Goddess.

When you join the 12-month journey, you’ll have access to mentoring and support within the Facebook Group so that you can delve deeper into how to step into your full power and presence.

The more you show up for yourself, participate and bring the goddess energies into your daily life, the more you will experience amazing shifts within you and your life. 

How will I continue practicing at the end of the 12-months?

You will receive a professionally recorded meditation for each goddess to keep.  You can use these meditations to support you whenever you need that particular goddess to be alive within you and your life.

What if I sign up after the start date?

All sessions are recorded and yours to keep.  Once you join, you can watch them at your leisure and revisit any goddess you want to spend more time with.

Take the full 12-month journey

Month 1 – Introduction to Goddess Practices and opening ceremony

Together, in ceremony and practice, we create a sacred intention for The Journey to Awakening.  You will connect with other women in the group, learn about the tradition of using the Mahavidyas as a spiritual practice, how to invoke the shaktis, and how to create an altar.  

Even if you plan on only doing one goddess, I recommend including this month so that you have the foundation for the practices to come.

Month 2  – Kali, The Goddess of Revolution & Dissolution

In the series of the ten Mahavidyas or wisdom aspects of the Divine Mother, Kali comes first, for she represents the power of consciousness in its highest form. Kali is the fiercest warrior goddess; and can be likened to a fierce mama bear. She guides you to  show up for yourself no matter who you believe yourself to be, where you are in life or what you have done.  

Since she is associated with time – past, present and future.  Her shakti energy supports you in letting go of the past, finding reconciliation, and dissolving the barriers to your growth in the present. She helps you get unstuck.

Starting with this fiery goddess helps you with this process so that when asking for abundance and prosperity in your life, you are able to fully receive it without blocks or resistance.

Month 3 – Tara – The Goddess of Compassion & Protection

The Goddess Tara is the embodiment of compassion and peace, and the great protector and overcomer of obstacles.  

Tara means star.  She is the guiding force of compassion and peace that ignites you to believe in yourself, to develop an internal trust so that you can lean into inner guidance at all times.  

She is the shakti that awakens your ability to dissolve the dark aspects of ego that keep you stuck. She lifts the veils that cloud your perception of yourself so that you can trust your divine nature to overcome all limitations within you and in your life. 

Month 4 – Shodashi- The Goddess of Erotic Spirituality

Shodashi is the goddess whose essence is divine beauty. When you activate her shakti you recognize that every pore of your body, every hair, every movement of thought and breath is an expression of the divine.  

She is the universal creative force, the original seed of desire.  When her shakti is invoked you access her creative, life-enhancing energy that motivates you to take aligned action towards your deepest soul desires.  She holds the power to carry you beyond the mundane to the beauty of a spiritually aligned life.

Month 5 – Bhuvaneshwari, The Goddess of Infinite Space & Possibility

Bhuvaneshwari is the shakti of space and infinite possibility.  Her creativity, wisdom and love are infinite. When her energy is alive within you, you are able to let go of fear & anxiety.  Her spaciousness can swallow whole whatever needs to be cleared. You can offer her whatever you’re holding onto: guilt, loss, emotional upheaval, or just excess thoughts.  

She will take it, dissolve it and offer it back transformed as wisdom, peace, clarity and broader perspective.

Month 6 – Matangi, Goddess of Language, Insight & Sound

The Goddess Matangi is the power behind all words.  She holds the power to channel the wisdom and teachings of the infinite and express spiritual knowledge through words, story, song and sound for the mundane world to understand.  She is the goddess of writers, thinkers, musicians and all creatives and helps you define yourself through narratives, art and stories. 

Her energy purifies your relationship to speech. She quells undisciplined speech, dispels false rumors, distortions of reality, and gossip helping you to witness if your thoughts and speech are an expression of the divine or of lack and limitation.

Month 7 – Chinnamasta, The Goddess of Radical Self-Transcendence

The headless goddess symbolizes your ability to be free of thoughts, self-consciousness and of ego. She is not about self-martyrdom or suffering but instead represents the ability to rise above pain and suffering.   When her shakti is activated you are able to rise above the circumstances of your life.

Chinnamasta fearlessly, embodies spiritual inquiry and aids you in going deeper into meditation.  She frees you from the distractions of thoughts, allowing for a sweeter connection to the divine.

Month 8 – Dhumavati, The Goddess of Deep Sleep & Renunciation

Dhumavati is the eldest of the wisdom Goddesses.  She is the ancestral grandmother who is hideous in appearance and represents what we, as women, fear most–aging, being forgotten and dying.  

Dhumavati is the energy at the heart of loss, uncertainty and misunderstanding.  She is the wise sage that teaches you how to sit in loss, be with it and allow it to guide you to stillness. Her shakti guides you to the emptiness behind the mind’s suffering that is pure potential power that can lead to a new life.

Month 9 – Bagalamukhi, Goddess of Stillness

When you are possessed by the stories of your past, you live in a never ending cycle of agitation and despair and it is difficult to stay connected to your unique soul purpose and duty.  Bagalamukhi clenches the tongue of the demon incessantly speaking in your ear, uttering the same destructive pattern, so that you can experience the stillness of mind.  In the stillness, she helps you see clearly the dysfunction and supports you in vanquishing it with grace.

Month 10 – Bhairavi, The Goddess of Destruction & Creation

Goddess Bhairavi represents the fire of effort, supreme intention and the strength to realize Truth.  Although fierce, she has great consciousness and unconditional love. She is the shakti that supports you in dispelling negative forces that try to curb spiritual growth; disease, sorrow, tension, negative feelings, uncertainties, darkness, fear and death fear.  

Free of the impurities of body and mind you are able to manifest the willpower and freedom to continuously stand in confidence.  Her blessings are also that of enhancing good learning, reasoning abilities, articulation skill, prosperity, peace of mind and joy.

Month 11 – Kamala, Goddess of Abundance, Beauty & Wealth

All the shaktis of the previous goddesses prepare you to receive the abundance, prosperity and wealth of the 10th Mayavidya, the Goddess Kamala.  When fully embodied, Kamala helps you experience heaven on earth as an awakened expression of the divine.  

Kamala’s lesson is that what you really crave is not more stuff, but the inner experience of abundance and beauty.  

Her shakti ignites your understanding of your True self as a manifestation of beauty, self-worth, and the abundance of being a nourished soul in the physical world.  Kamala’s blessings of internal wealth help you emanate a light and vibration that magnetizes the external abundance of  health, money, love, fertility and prosperity. 

Kamala is the fulness and abundance that comes at the end of a spiritual journey where you are able to see and experience light and harmony within  yourself, others and the world through the lens of the divine, as divine. 

Month 12 – Full embodied Goddess practice and closing ceremony

In celebration and ceremony we close The Journey to Awakening by  honoring all 10-Mahavidyas, your individual efforts, and you as an embodiment of the divine.  This is a beautiful and sacred practice that will leave you feeling deeply connected to your own divine aspects of beauty, strength, courage, fierce love, compassion and wisdom.

Claim your spot now and begin the Journey to Awakening to your most extraordinary life

When you embrace the divine goddess energy within you, you blossom into what you most desire in life.  

You become the radiant magnet that attracts  the love, abundance, beauty, and prosperity you deserve. 

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