Change the Trajectory of Your Life

Chances are there is something you desire in your life you do not already have.  Whether that be a greater sense of purpose, better job, more stability, a deeper connection to spirit, to feel healthier in mind and body, or a happy loving relationship.  The question is, why do you not already have it?

Over the course of your life, you’ve unconsciously created deeply ingrained beliefs and patterns that keep you stuck, even when you don’t want to be stuck.   Quite frankly, what you want is outside of your comfort zone and either your unconscious beliefs and fears keep you frozen or you don’t trust yourself enough to go get what you want.  You need someone to help you out of the comforts of your known habits, to help you identify your hidden patterns, and cultivate the courage to step into the unknown, where are the newness of your life awaits.

It is near impossible to trust yourself if you have not cultivated a relationship with your intuition or higher understanding, and when the chatter of mind is a ceaseless cacophony of doubt and negative thinking.

This is where I come in.  If you are seeking a deeper understanding of who you are and what is possible in this one short life you’ve been given, yet are at a standstill as to how to move forward, I can help. There are systematic processes to quiet the chatter, clear the clutter and allow the inner guidance to surface above the din of the mind.  Processes that will let you experience the essence of who you are, what is possible, and empower your will.  It takes time, consistency and guidance.  The techniques work.  And the effects last.

I have been at that crossroad in life, deeply desiring change but having no idea which direction to turn.  Each option looking confusing and uncertain.  Again, not trusting my inner compass because the mind and it’s influences of the past kept me confused.

It’s taken a lot of attempts, a lot of teachers, healers, stumbles and falls along the way.  Through my own experiences, continuous training and studies, and dedication to my own personal growth, I have come to learn that these simple tools are available to each of us.  They will change the trajectory of your life.  Change and growth will happen. You will connect to your inner guidance system and you will build a strong foundation from which to build the life you desire.

I’ve also come to learn, and listen to my heart, that it is my calling to help you walk the path.  So that you don’t have to feel alone, lost, and disconnected from your own navigation system.  

It’s time to Change the Trajectory of Your Life if you:

  • don’t want to be living the same life 5, 10, 20 years from now

  • want to get crystal clear on want you want in life

  • want to develop a deeper understanding of your purpose   

  • want to understand what is keeping you from living the life you desire

  • want to break unhealthy patterns, habits and thoughts that keep you stuck and spinning

  • want to create healthy belief systems to support your goals, intentions and desires

  • learn valuable tools to manage stress, anxiety and overwhelm and keep you grounded, centered and calm

  • want to trust yourself, your intuition and instincts

  • have a yearning for more; more vibrancy, more joy, more confidence, more clarity     

  • no longer want to be defined by other people’s expectations      

  • are ready to claim your self-worth, know who you are, what you have to offer, and stand in your power

I am NOT your coach and this is NOT the program for you if you:

  • are not ready to transform your life
  • are half in
  • are happier re-living the same job, same relationship, same day-in-day-out routine
  • are too afraid to change
  • are not willing to apply effort to create the life your heart longs for
  • have no desire for self-improvement or personal development
  • feel safer in living in mediocrity
  • are not ready to invest your time or energy in long lasting change

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