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Why Are Deep Dive Immersions Important?

As a dedicated spiritual practitioner, I know how essential a daily practice can be.  That is, if you know what practice to do and have the resiliency to do it every day.  For most, guidance and accountability are necessary.

The devotion and consistency of a spiritual practice over a long duration shapes us like water poured for years upon stone.  The results we see are not immediate; our rough edges, bad behaviors, and limiting beliefs are worn down gradually as we are shaped into our true form.  But it is the immersions, the deep dives, that can shape us the most profoundly.

In a private 1:1 or a group setting, there is a collective intentionality that creates a container for the individual to go deep, quickly, in a way that is safe.  The results tend to be immediate and yet continue to feed insights and soul nourishment throughout the months, perhaps year to come.

You leave feeling tender yet strong and resilient.  You feel sculpted and transformed into something more beautiful than when you arrived.  It is the deeper immersions that take us to depths we are too afraid or uncertain to tread on our own.  It is essential to be guided by an experienced teacher who has navigated the waters, who is confident in how to teach you to do the same and can get you out of your comfort zone.

What I am saying is this, most of us stay in the shallow end, where there are lots of people.  Where we feel comfortable.  But what you deeply desire doesn’t lie in your comfort zone.  It lies out there, beyond the safe borders of the known.  It’s not until the longing for more becomes greater than the fear that you walk out to deeper depths.

At some point in your life you have to DECIDE, Do I stay small and safe or do I take a deep breath and DIVE?

You don’t have to solo dive though.  You have the choice to take the hand of an experienced teacher, guide or mentor who can look you in the eye and tell you, “You can handle this.  I will show you how. I will be with you as you strengthen your own abilities. I will be with you as you become more agile.  I will still be with you, even as I let go of your hand, so that you can dive below and explore your own depths, face your own monsters.  I will be here when you surface, ready to support you as you process and celebrate the awakening of awareness and dissolving of fears.”

This is why I am offering a series of Deep Dive Immersions. Each immersion is designed to help you go beyond asana (the yoga postures) and move into inner depths where true transformation and long-lasting change happen.   Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE asana.  It is where I began, where most of us begin our yoga journey.  But let me be clear. It is the shallow end of yoga.

In the beginning, you will have amazing shifts and insights.  However, if you have been practicing for a while and feel lackluster in your practice, bored, or your heart aches for more, or you wonder why you’re are not feeling the same results from your practice as you once did, it simply means this:

You are ready to advance. 

If getting out of the shallow end and learning how to navigate deeper spiritual depths, to really experience the richness of what the tradition of yoga has to offer, I invite you to join me.

I do these dives for myself all the time.  I know the waters and can testify time and again, it is worth overcoming fear and facing the unknown so that you can feel the boundless potential, the buoyancy of spirit and expansiveness of your true nature.  You just need a place to do so and a teacher willing to take you there.


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