As we edge toward the cusp of spring we cannot help but to feel the lightness that comes with renewal, the excitement of new beginnings with each shade of green and pastel color bursting forth from soil, limb and sky. However, even as the harsh nip of winter fades away.

We are quick to forget the purpose of going into the depths of darkness, into unknown and often unforgiving soils. We rush into a sense of urgency for more warmth, more comforts, more freedom and proof that our work will bear fruit. Spring shows us what the patience of introspection, self-inquiry, deep healing and visioning can offer. But spring is also a delicate time. The fragile buds are still vulnerable to a sudden frost, too little or too much rain, or too much sun and heat.

Our own seeds of intentions may just be beginning to show the proof of months of germination, resiliency and opening towards the light. Or perhaps we see nothing yet. Regardless we are still patient. Some seeds take years to germinate. But spring continues to gently remind us, that if we are consistent in nurturing those seeds–our ideas, our intentions, our dreams, that eventually that seed will break open and unfurl its beauty.   When we allow those tender shoots to break through the thawing ground and see the beauty of growth, we can celebrate what at times felt bitter, cold, barren and fruitless.

It is essential to take a moment for gratitude, appreciation and honor for the journey, and lessons from that journey that brought us to this momentous moment of breaking ground.

I invite you to reflect on the seeds you have planted, maybe only a few short months ago, or perhaps many years ago. What do they need to break open, to take root and break free into the light of day?

Water them with whatever they need. Keep them planted in a fertile bed of trust, faith and give them the time it takes to grown into full fruition. And at that first sight of growth, shower them heavily with your gratitude and love, knowing that this is only the beginning of something amazing.


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