Deep Dive


Why Are Deep Dive Immersions Important?

As a dedicated spiritual practitioner, I know how essential a daily practice can be.  That is, if you know what practice to do and have the resiliency to do it every day.  For most, guidance and accountability are necessary.

The devotion and consistency of a spiritual practice over a long duration shapes us like water poured for years upon stone.  The results we see are not immediate; our rough edges, bad behaviors, and limiting beliefs are worn down gradually as we are shaped into our true form.  But it is the immersions, the deep dives, that can shape us the most profoundly.

In a private 1:1 or a group setting, there is a collective intentionality that creates a container for the individual to go deep, quickly, in a way that is safe.  The results tend to be immediate and yet continue to feed insights and soul nourishment throughout the months, perhaps year to come.

You leave feeling tender yet strong and resilient.  You feel sculpted and transformed into something more beautiful than when you arrived.  It is the deeper immersions that take us to depths we are too afraid or uncertain to tread on our own.  It is essential to be guided by an experienced teacher who has navigated the waters, who is confident in how to teach you to do the same and can get you out of your comfort zone.

What I am saying is this, most of us stay in the shallow end, where there are lots of people.  Where we feel comfortable.  But what you deeply desire doesn’t lie in your comfort zone.  It lies out there, beyond the safe borders of the known.  It’s not until the longing for more becomes greater than the fear that you walk out to deeper depths.

At some point in your life you have to DECIDE, Do I stay small and safe or do I take a deep breath and DIVE?

You don’t have to solo dive though.  You have the choice to take the hand of an experienced teacher, guide or mentor who can look you in the eye and tell you, “You can handle this.  I will show you how. I will be with you as you strengthen your own abilities. I will be with you as you become more agile.  I will still be with you, even as I let go of your hand, so that you can dive below and explore your own depths, face your own monsters.  I will be here when you surface, ready to support you as you process and celebrate the awakening of awareness and dissolving of fears.”

This is why I am offering a series of Deep Dive Immersions. Each immersion is designed to help you go beyond asana (the yoga postures) and move into inner depths where true transformation and long-lasting change happen.   Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE asana.  It is where I began, where most of us begin our yoga journey.  But let me be clear. It is the shallow end of yoga.

In the beginning, you will have amazing shifts and insights.  However, if you have been practicing for a while and feel lackluster in your practice, bored, or your heart aches for more, or you wonder why you’re are not feeling the same results from your practice as you once did, it simply means this:

You are ready to advance. 

If getting out of the shallow end and learning how to navigate deeper spiritual depths, to really experience the richness of what the tradition of yoga has to offer, I invite you to join me.

I do these dives for myself all the time.  I know the waters and can testify time and again, it is worth overcoming fear and facing the unknown so that you can feel the boundless potential, the buoyancy of spirit and expansiveness of your true nature.  You just need a place to do so and a teacher willing to take you there.


Take the Plunge

 Heal | Transform | Thrive


Change the Trajectory of Your Life – A 6 Month Journey to Thriving

Chances are there is something you desire in your life you do not already have.  Whether that be a greater sense of purpose, better job, more stability, a deeper connection to spirit, to feel healthier in mind and body, or a happy loving relationship.  The question is, why do you not already have it?

Over the course of your life, you’ve unconsciously created deeply ingrained beliefs and patterns that keep you stuck, even when you don’t want to be stuck.   Quite frankly, what you want is outside of your comfort zone and either your unconscious beliefs and fears keep you frozen or you don’t trust yourself enough to go get what you want.  You need someone to help you out of the comforts of your known habits, to help you identify your hidden patterns, and cultivate the courage to step into the unknown, where are the newness of your life awaits.

It is near impossible to trust yourself if you have not cultivated a relationship with your intuition or higher understanding, and when the chatter of mind is a ceaseless cacophony of doubt and negative thinking.

This is where I come in.  If you are seeking a deeper understanding of who you are and what is possible in this one short life you’ve been given, yet are at a standstill as to how to move forward, I can help. There are systematic processes to quiet the chatter, clear the clutter and allow the inner guidance to surface above the din of the mind.  Processes that will let you experience the essence of who you are, what is possible, and empower your will.  It takes time, consistency and guidance.  The techniques work.  And the effects last.

Stop Living a Lackluster Life

Are you tired of settling for a lackluster life? Are you settling for a job that doesn’t light up your soul, a relationship that doesn’t support you, or a lifestyle that bores you instead of inspires you?  Learn the reasons you are living a lackluster life and how to take the first steps in changing the trajectory of your life.

This is Who I’ve Come Here to BE

Do you feel your life is on repeat? That 99.9% of your life is the same as the day before? The month before? The year before? If you feel stuck on repeat, a bit bored with life, or know what you want but are frustrated because you are not able to create your desires, why stay in this place of lack?

Wouldn’t you prefer your life to have more luster, vibrancy, clarity and purpose? And know how to step out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary calling of your Soul?

Are you willing to take a deeper dive to understand why you are settling for less when your heart craves more?  Do you want to know how to make a long-lasting shift that will result in experiencing the fullness life has to offer you?

Through processes of moment, breath, guided self-inquiries and meditation, you will gain a greater understand of Who You Have Come Here to Be and the life you are meant to live.

More importantly, you will leave with a greater understanding on what is preventing you from living a life with more joy, love and success. You will be clear on how to break the patterns that keep you habitually repeating the same relationships, the same jobs, the same experiences.

Breathing for Better Health

Everyone is born knowing how to breathe and do so unconsciously.  However, frenzied lives and elevated levels of stress and anxiety can lead to constricted breathing patterns that negatively impact physical, mental, emotional, even spiritual health.  Breath is unique in that it can be consciously shaped into patterns that positively impact the nervous system –immediately.

Consciously shaping the breath will not only oxygenate the body and brain but help:

  • recharge your energy to have more passion, enthusiasm & motivation for what really matters
  • reduce stress, anxiety, pain and panic
  • enhance your ability to focus and maintain your attention
  • improve sleep
  • recover from PTSD and trauma
  • become more aware of your body, thoughts and feelings
  • feel more peaceful and connected
  • be more present and in the moment
  • boost your immune system
  • improve meditation
  • be less emotionally reactive

Learn simple, yet powerful techniques that, when integrated into a daily routine, will positively affect your current mood, overall state of well-being and long-term health.

Meditation, a Dive into the Known

When the Buddha was asked by a student, “What is the difference between man and an enlightened being?” he Buddha replied, “One moon, 10,000 moons.”  This is an ancient metaphor that the mind is like a lake.  When the lake of the mind is calm what we see on the surface is a true reflection; we see clearly.  When the water is disturbed we see not one reflection but 10,000—a distorted version of the truth.

The perpetual motion of our lives keeps the mind disturbed and impairs our ability to see truth.  It is when we learn to quiet body, breath and mind we can see clearly and as a result perception of our life, others and the world shifts.   Learn the differences between various practices, their benefits, and how to practice so that you may steady your mind and see your truth.

Yoga Nidra, Sacred Awareness

THIS practice is by far my favorite.  A must if you desire healing within body, emotional well-being, or a deeper spiritual connection.

Yoga Nidra, or yogic sleep, is a powerful yogic technique that promotes deep rest, relaxation and restoration.  In the state of Yoga Nidra, you become so relaxed, you feel spacious, boundless, and unconfined by body or mind.  Not only does the nervous system reset and heal at a deep level, but you are able to experience the deepest state of consciousness where true transformational can happen.

If practiced regularly, a simple, easy to practice, 20-30-minute session can have a deep, long lasting impact on your physical, mental and even spiritual health; improve sleep quality, immune function, and the body’s ability to heal from chronic stress, trauma, illness and injury, reduces tension and anxiety, and enhances cognition.

The Basics of Bandhas

The nature of your energy in any given moment shapes how you feel and your perspective of the world.  In Sanskrit the word bandha means to lock, to hold, to tighten or to bind. Learning to apply these muscular ‘locks’ correctly is one of the key elements of advancing your yoga practice and enlivening your energy (prana).

Engaging the bandhas, creates a pressurized system of support and stability that helps increase and control the flow of prana through the body.   More prana leads to greater physical, mental and spiritual health.

Utilizing bandhas will not only enrich your physical yoga practice, but also enliven self-confidence and enthusiasm. You feel more embodied, more grounded, and more determined, all without having to do extreme physical yoga postures.

Because they’re subtle components of the energetic body, bandhas can be a challenging concept to grasp.  Therefore, in this workshop we will be utilizing basic physical postures and breath as a way to better relate to the bandhas.  This requires knowledge of the foundational physical postures of yoga and familiarity with Ujjayi breath.

Reset Your Nervous System

We are a culture in perpetual motion, whether that be perpetually moving the body, the mind perpetually moving, or constant fluctuations in emotions.  But what is this perpetual movement and unsteadiness doing to our quality of health?  How do our bodies feel when we work long hours with little time to ourselves?  How do our minds, our thoughts reflect this?  Our emotions?

This perpetual movement creates an unsteadiness and unease in body, mind and heart.  Perpetual motion keeps the nervous system activated, taking a toll on the body and mind, making us more and more susceptible to physical disease and mental dis-ease.

However, there are simple techniques, accessible to anyone, that can reset the nervous system and activate the body’s immune response.

Learning & objectives/takeaways for the session.

*Explanation of the autonomic nervous system

*How chronic stress affects the health of the body, mind and spirit

*Learn simple tools to alleviate chronic stress, reset the nervous system, improve mental focus & clarity, the body’s ability to heal and resist disease, improve communication & ability to make decisions, rejuvenate body and mind.

*Get clear on how you will find time to implement change in your life

Energetics of Yoga

Learn how to structure a yoga class based on how you want to FEEL.  Based on the 6 traditional categories of postures and the energetics each category imparts on the spine and nervous system: Forward bends, Backbends, Twists, Laterals, Inversions and Extensions.  Each category of poses has a unique energetic quality.  When linked with appropriate breathing techniques, kriyas and meditations the effects on the autonomic nervous system can be profound.  Your efforts will be more efficient, have longer lasting results and leave you feeling more sublime.

Yoga Anatomy for Yoga Teachers

A weekend immersion for Yoga Teacher Trainings.  As a facilitator of a YTT, it is difficult to be an expert in all things yoga.  I can help alleviate the challenge and stress of teaching anatomy.

This course focuses on anatomy as it pertains to the functional movements of yoga, common injuries, and pranayama.  Students learn through lecture, myofascial release, experiential movement, and applied yoga posture.

Yoga Anatomy 101 – The Shoulders

The most common injury in yoga occurs in the shoulder.  It is an incredibly mobile joint allowing a wide range of movements.  However, without proper awareness of how to stabilize the joint, we become vulnerable to repetitive use injuries.  Yoga asana requires a lot of repetition!  Learn basic shoulder anatomy, how to create stability and maintain integrity of the shoulder so you can advance safely in your practice.  This workshop is part lecture and part experiential practice.

Free Yourself From Tension – Neck, Shoulders and Upper Spine

Chronic stress and poor posture combined create tension in the neck, upper back and shoulders, that can lead to discomfort, pain and even chronic headaches.  Deep release of chronic tension supports the breaking of habitual patterns that lead to discomfort.  Through mindful, experiential movements and myo-fascial release techniques learn how to dissolve tension in neck, upper back, chest and between shoulder blades.

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