About 10 years ago, Deepak Chopra was asked in an interview, “What do you think is the biggest disconnecting factor – what is disconnecting us from our personal powers to make things happen?” Although a decade ago, his answer still rings true today. “It takes a certain crisis in the world to make us realize that we do have that power.   That we do have the imagination, creativity, love, compassion, intelligence and caring. NOW, is the time to connect.”

He went on to emphasis that we not give up in a crisis or a calamity. That it is our responsibility that everyday we commit to making a difference and to not contribute to the problem. And that in remaining indifferent or choosing to do nothing we are actually contributing to the very problem we are adverse to. That we must contribute in a positive actionable way.

But how do we contribute? What can one person do to make an impact in a situation where you feel overwrought, overrun or buried by the mountainous obstacles at hand?

He suggests 3 Things We Can Do to Change the World. The world within and the world around us.

  1. Satsang – To gather together, share ideas & support.  SAT=Truth; Sanga = coming together.
  2. Simran – To remember who you really are.
  3. Seva – Selfless service; to do work that is not about you.

There are countless opportunities to contribute to the growth of your community, your own personal growth and hence the growth of our world. You just have to be motivated to do it.   What will you choose? How will you contribute? I invite you to start today.

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