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When Yoga Makes You Angry

Practice, practice, all is coming.  Have you ever heard this quote?  It’s a popular mantra amongst yoga teachers and practitioners to help inspire us, and our students, to keep coming to our mats.   It seems to promise that through diligent practice the beauty of our lives will unfold and blossom open.  Indeed, the tradition of […]

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Is Your Life A Masterpiece?

I recently returned from a 5-day Yoga Nidra training with my primary teacher.  For those of you unfamiliar with Yoga Nidra, the most basic understanding is that it’s a meditation technique that has profound relaxation and healing benefits.  However, this transformational practice has other far-reaching benefits. On a deeper level, Yoga Nidra is a science […]

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Dance in the Fire of Transformation

I leave this morning for a week-long Yoga training in the mountains of Colorado with my teacher. When I tell people this most often I hear, “Oh, that will be fun.” And I mildly cringe inside because it’s never been what I’d describe as fun. These trainings are similar to willingly sitting in a fire […]

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3 Things You Can Do to Change the World

About 10 years ago, Deepak Chopra was asked in an interview, “What do you think is the biggest disconnecting factor – what is disconnecting us from our personal powers to make things happen?” Although a decade ago, his answer still rings true today. “It takes a certain crisis in the world to make us realize […]

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Will You Cultivate Fear or Faith in the New Year?

What will you choose for 2017? Will it be fear or faith? Doubt or trust? When we shift our perspective, our life shifts towards our goals.   The beginning of a New Year marks a time for many of us to reflect, reevaluate, plan and hasten to take ACTION!  However, I invite each of you to […]

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Chewbacca & Meditation

Chewbacca and the Remarkable Ride of Meditation

This afternoon I decided to sit in meditation as preparation for a workshop I needed to spend some focused time on creating. I often do this, to sit prior to teaching, writing or creating, as a way to align myself to what I call my Source. In doing so it helps me to put my […]

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Heaviness of Depression, Lynsie McKeown Blog

Uninvited Bed Partner

This morning I woke groggy and with a heaviness blanketing my whole body I had not felt in some time. Looking at the time I growled at myself for taking the luxury of sleeping in, immediately my mind raced to how I’d have less time for my practice. How would I ever get to where […]

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How The Beetle Saved the Minister, The Gift of Yoga

There is a common misconception in the West that advanced yoga consists of twisting oneself into contortionist style poses that can impress even the most seasoned yogi and cause envy and awe on Instagram.  However, to be clear, this is not advanced yoga.  This is advanced asana.  There is a difference.  Asana is only the […]

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