C’ville Satsang

Life is rushed and harried and we rarely make time to introduce ourselves to the people who practice next to us in class. Lynsie and a fellow student of yoga saw a need to create a more cohesive yoga community off the mat in their hometown of Charlottesville, VA (lovingly referred by locals as C’ville).

In response to that need, we’ve created C’ville Satsang.

Sat = Truth

Sanga = Coming Together

Therefore, C’ville Satsang is a group of like-minded individuals that are looking for ways to connect, support and thrive through yoga and community.

Each month a volunteer from our community shares their gifts, whether it be in the form of a yoga practice, discussion on yoga philosophy, a led hike, or other avenues of yoga and spirituality. It is our goal to keep each gathering free of charge, making it accessible to all those interested in closing the gap between teachers and students and building the bonds of friendship and a service oriented community.

If you want to join or lead a session one month, email Lynsie or connect on Facebook.

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