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Lynsie McKeown, Charlottesville Virginia, Yoga Teacher

Charlottesville, Virginia

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Lynsie is highly skilled at teaching both the spiritual and physical aspects of yoga to students ranging from beginners to advanced practitioners. She smoothly incorporates mindfulness, breathing, balance, flexibility and strength into her sessions. Her sessions are at once welcoming, challenging and restorative. For me, the study of yoga under Lynsie’s guidance has contributed materially to health of body and mind.

Lynsie combines spirituality with humor. I have studied with her for over four years in various studios and settings including a men’s class. My practice continues to deepen. Her enthusiasm is contagious.

I have been practicing Yoga with Lynsie for about a year; however I feel like I have known her forever. She is an amazing teacher on many levels. I love that she can teach to a wide range of abilities in the same class, which makes yoga accessible (and fun!) to a larger community. I love that she incorporates poetry and philosophy into each practice, which give us a sense of purpose and belonging. I find her practice to be very healing, both physically and emotionally.

Taking your classes was one of the most soothing things that I’ve done. During the week we spent with you, I felt more relaxed and at peace than I ever had before. I have taken plenty of yoga classes but had never come out of a class actually feeling inspired. Your stories and mantras we heard made the experience even better. You made me feel like I could really relate to yoga and the yoga lifestyle, rather than just feel like an outsider.

I have the pleasure of beginning my week on Monday mornings with Lynsie. Lynsie is amazing! Her own practice is beautiful to behold, but her time in class is about us, not her. She is an excellent teacher, explaining well, not only how to do a pose but always giving context and reason to why and how we best practice that pose. She is very knowledgeable about the human body, its needs and limitations. She challenges us, yet she encourages each of us to do what our bodies call for on any given day. She demonstrates, but then she spends time walking around the room and helping us understand or perfect our posture. She never lectures or preaches, but she always imparts a thought or reading for us to take away to meet the day ahead. She has a beautiful soul and she is a gift in my life!

Lynsie is a wonderful yoga teacher in so many ways. I took my first class from Lynsie several years ago and knew immediately that she was a “complete” and experienced teacher. She has a talent for incorporating the spiritual aspects of yoga as well as the physical components which makes her classes top notch!!! She is always very well prepared, has wonderful variety in her poses and offers constructive adjustments in a gentle and positive way. Lynsie has a perfect balance in her classes and I come away from her classes, stretched both mentally and physically and feel grateful that she came into my life several years ago. Besides being a wonderful instructor, she is a beautiful human being with so much to offer.

I recently attended a wonderful yoga retreat where Lynsie was the yoga instructor and event leader. The retreat was a wonderful experience of relaxing with friends, enjoying yoga and the great outdoors. Lynsie taught two yoga classes a day and managed to have classes that worked for the beginners and the very experienced women in our group. She was very organized and helped everyone improve their own yoga experience. I would love to attend another yoga retreat with Lynsie!

Lynsie has been my yoga instructor at the ACAC and Mosaic Yoga since her class was recommended to me by a friend. Lynsie has personally welcomed me into “the practice” with warmth and kindness. Her teaching style blends mindfulness with physicality to provoke introspection. I did not know that I would be in to this stuff but have found that yoga has helped relieve PTSD symptoms such as anxiety and hyper-vigilance. Her efforts to solidify a yoga practicing community in Charlottesville is testament to her goodwill and benevolence. After practicing with Lynsie for a couple months, I feel stronger both on and off the mat. Thank you Lynsie!


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