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Working Together to Awaken Balance

Do you want more time? Less stress?

Life is busy and it can be challenging to prioritize time for our own health. We all want to feel healthier, happier and to have greater clarity and peace of mind, however finding the time to make it happen can create even more stress.

A regular Yoga practice, offers strength, balance and flexibility in your body with the added benefit of mental focus and calm. Yet, it’s not always easy to get to a class, or the class that works best for your schedule, your body and your needs. It can also be challenging to find a teacher with the experience, knowledge and compassion to accommodate your needs.

Personalized One-on-One Online Yoga Sessions take the hassle out of searching for the right teacher, the right class, the right time and day. Online yoga sessions are a fantastic way to practice the art of Yoga anywhere (at home, office, or hotel) at a time that works for you.

It is time to prioritize YOU and receive the attention you deserve. Together we work to develop a practice that is uniquely yours, meeting your particular needs, so that you can achieve confidence, restore peace of mind and improve bodily health.

What is Virtual Yoga?

A private Yoga session taught online via Skype that supports you. Each 60-minute session is customized to your unique body, your mind, your needs, your goals. Sessions includes physical postures, breathing techniques and meditation to help you on your Journey to Awakening Balance in your life.

What you will gain:

Guided Support

Your online session is all about YOU, and creating a sacred space where your needs can be addressed and honored.

More Time, Less Stress

Eliminate the stress of trying to make it to class on time. Regain time lost in traffic and travel. Practicing together in our own spaces creates a sense of effortless ease so you can focus solely on your practice.

Focus and Clarity

Learn specialize breathing techniques that reduce anxiety & stress, boost your immune system, and create greater mental focus, clarity and motivation.


With personalized instruction, you will feel confident in your understanding of Yoga and how it relates to your body and your mind, making the practice of Yoga easily accessible and enjoyable for you.

Important Information, Please READ

Each session must be paid in full prior to class. Refunds are not available. However, with more than 24-hour notice, sessions can be rescheduled. Payments are made only through PayPal. Completion of the signed waiver is required prior to setting up an appointment. Once we have scheduled an appointment, you will receive a welcome email and payment link from Lynsie.

Yoga is a unique practiced that fits all body types, ages and ability levels. Online yoga works the same as a private yoga class without hands on adjustments. Instead clear verbal cues and adjustments are provided. Online yoga sessions support you, whether you are new to Yoga, wanting to develop a consistent home practice, need extra careful attention due to illness or injury, or are a seasoned yoga practitioner desiring to take your practice to the next level. Online yoga supports a busy lifestyle and those ready to take the steps toward self-care and growth.

I hear this frequently and I frequently have the same response – “That is similar to saying”, I am too out of shape to go to the gym! Yoga will help you gain flexibly, a sense of ease in your own body and confidence in knowing it doesn’t matter how your practice looks in comparison to others. What matters is how you feel.

Each session is 60 minutes of practice. Allow an extra 5-10 minutes prior to the scheduled start time to login to Skype and be fully prepared for your practice.

Skype is an online service that enables chats, voice calls and video calls on your desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone. A basic account is free. Be sure that your account is set-up and that you have tested that it is working properly (video and audio) prior to first session. Learn more here

Comfortable clothing that provides adequate coverage and allows you to freely move through a full range of body movements without restriction. Socks can make you slip, so bare feet are preferred.

A yoga mat will make your practice easier, and keep you from sliding on hardwood or carpeted floors, however it is not essential. Additional props are helpful, especially if you are injured or new to practicing Yoga. Consider having a block, blanket, strap (or towel), or bolster available.

Yoga is a practice that can be modified to accommodate injuries and physical limitations but it is essential that you inform your teacher prior to each session. It is also important to consult your physician before engaging in physical activity such as yoga.

Individual sessions are $85.00. Prepayment is required.

A minimum of 24-hours is required when canceling or rescheduling an appointment. Yoga teaches us to honor each other’s time. Since this hour has been allotted for you, appointments canceled with less than 24-hours notice are charged at the full non-refundable price. With proper notification, you may reschedule with no additional charge.

Start by emailing me at [email protected] We will then discuss your needs and goals prior to setting up an appointment.

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