Yoga wove itself into Lynsie’s heart during a challenging time in her life, a time of great personal loss, grief and confusion. Yoga provided a safety net to grieve, to reset and discover a sense of freedom to let go into life again with a new direction infused with purpose and endless possibilities.

She draws inspiration from her deep affinity for spirituality and connectivity to nature and the never-ending journey of the human heart. Her devotion for greater awareness and spiritual growth, as well as her own struggles in life and love, are reflected in her teaching and writing. She strives to support, uplift and empower others to walk their own path to healing and growth with courage, authenticity and grace.

Lynsie’s Style of Yoga

There can be confusion around the definition of vinyasa, and with good reason—there are four basic definitions! Overall, vinyasa means the linking of movement (or asana) with breath, however it also refers to a specific synchronized sequence of poses that is used to transition between sustained postures. When used as a description for a style of yoga, it refers to a creative flowing class (at the teachers discretion), linking breath and movement and often times with music. The least familiar definition refers to setting an intention for one’s personal yoga practice and taking the necessary steps toward reaching that goal.

Personally I gravitate to the Vinyasa style of yoga because I like the freedom it gives me to create movement that is in tune to the natural rhythms of my body and to honor myself wherever I am on any given day. It enables me to finely listen to what I need and to answer that need with a multitude of poses linked together in an intimate dance of breath, movement, and intention that leaves me feeling inspired, soothed and calm. When I meet myself honestly on my mat, my yoga becomes a moving meditation and prayer where thought is second to movement and movement second to breath.

This freedom to create enables me to help students find a flow that is in sync with their own bodies. Encouraging them to listen to their own internal wisdom, individuals will be guided into a pose or sequence that is perfect for where they are in their practice, their day and that very present moment.

“A woman in harmony with her Spirit is like a river flowing. She goes where she will, without pretense, and arrives at her destination prepared to be herself and only herself.” ~Maya Angelou

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