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We all begin our life’s journey at the moment of birth but the time in which I mark the beginning of my journey into wholeness began in the fall of 2006. I was living in Colorado and had come home to Virginia for the holidays. For a reason unknown to me at the time, I never went back. My life had been spinning aimlessly without direction or meaning, with what felt like forever, and the ride I was on began to feel precarious and dangerous. I had been pushed to the edge over the short course of nine months where I endured the loss of three family members, three pets, a long-term relationship, a new home, countless friendships, my job and undergone surgery, not to mention all the in between hardships that goes in hand with death, deception, family alcoholism, break-up, illness and forced career change. The confusion, pain and inability to process my grief fully, set me on a path most take in their youth, full of late nights, partying and innumerable stories filled with excess and drama that accompany a lifestyle rooted in alcohol and drugs.

Gratefully, I had reached my saturation point after only a few years where, I no longer could stomach the nauseating effects of living a life without heart, without purpose or honoring my true nature. Over the course of the next four years I dove headfirst into learning about Truth principles as they relate to spiritual evolution and the expression of divine potential through forgiveness work, mental and emotional healing, prayer and meditation. I found a loving and supportive spiritual community in Charlottesville, Virginia. With their support, I developed the courage to tear down a foundation that was weakened by a faulty belief system rooted in fear and self imposed limitations and learned to utilize the tools necessary to build a new foundation cemented in trust; a trust not only in something greater than myself, but a trust in myself and my abilities to create a life of my own design and not one of default.

The process of letting go of a past way of life, relearning how to be, how to exist without fear and negative thinking was an arduous journey that continues to give me challenges, but to live in fear and scarcity consciousness is not living fully or living authentically.

Yoga came into my life as a natural extension of this work. Yoga is derived from a Sanskrit word that means yoke or union. Through the practice of all aspects of yoga we join the individual self with the Divine, Universal Spirit, or Cosmic Consciousness. Yet, I began my yoga journey as many do in the west, as another form of physical activity. As an athlete throughout most of my life, I had sustained numerous physical injuries and I was living with reoccurring pain from old injuries. A friend suggested that I try yoga. At the time I knew very little about yoga but traditional physical therapy methods had left me without relief therefore I was willing to try something new. Within months of practice, I had less pain and my athletic performance improved. Over time, I noticed a stirring within me, a magnetic craving of sorts, to learn more about this yoga. I became yoga curious. And thus it began, a total exploration of various forms of yoga and yogic philosophy. I began to understand that yoga was so much more than a sequence of postures and how seamlessly it blended into the spiritual practices I had already been studying.

Within a year I was committed to following a heart intuition into the jungles of Costa Rica where I spent a month at the Nosara Yoga Institute under the guidance and tutelage of Don and Amba Stapleton, exploring an integrated style of Vinyasa yoga created by Don and Amba called Self Awakening Yoga. It is here where I experienced one of the most profoundly transformative times of my life. Since then, yoga and meditation have forever become an integral part of my daily life through which I further my spiritual growth. It is the natural medicine I give myself to stay centered, focused and balanced. Yoga has taught me to lay down my competitive ego and sit with my true nature as if I were my own best friend, without judgment or criticism but instead with love and compassion.

During the years of in depth healing and soul searching I leaned on many healers, friends and family members. In the darkest soils of my life I planted many seeds and with their love, support and guidance I’ve grown to appreciate, love and embrace all the blessings in my life. With a newfound freedom I aim to help others find peace, a moment to breathe, connect and feel the beauty within them that is their inherent nature.

Travel also gives me a feeling of freedom like none other I have felt. I know not who or what planted the wanderlust seed within me, but the seed has grown into a blossoming vine that intertwines itself into all aspects of my life. Travel for me is another tool in developing a larger connection to the world in which I live. The more I travel the more I experience and understand the interconnectedness of all cultures, beings and things. When experiencing the world through travel, my heart space opens wide as my perceptions and awareness are raised to a new level. All in all, it’s another form of yoga and I find great joy in sharing my love of yoga and travel with others in a way that creates space and a sense of ease and harmony.

Yoga is a mirror for my life and it is never stagnant, but ever evolving and changing. The practice to stay centered in calm strength, to be of service to others while honoring my true Self is a journey that never ends but it is one that is filled with stories of the traveler—full of fascinating characters, humorous tales, beauty and courageous adventures that bring me closer and closer to Awakening Balance.

A Thai Yoga session is practiced on a comfortable floor mat, while fully clothed, without lotions or oils. The intention of each session is always for the client’s highest good — supporting their inner wisdom to emerge and restructure their body into new healthier patterns, reflecting more freedom of movement and expression. Each session is held in an environment of acceptance, allowance and sensitivity to the clients needs so that they can let go of tensions and old holding patterns, hence balancing the energies of the body, mind, and spirit.

Each session ideally lasts 1.5 hours, however shorter or longer sessions can be arranged. Please allow an extra half hour for initial consultation and closure (no extra charge). Wear loose fitting and comfortable clothing and try not to eat too much before the session. During the session, the body may cool off, and layers are recommended. Your feet will be bare, so please be mindful of cleanliness. All you have to do is relax, enjoy and receive all the benefits!


Yoga wove itself into Lynsie’s heart during a challenging time in her life, a time of great personal loss, grief and confusion. Yoga provided a safety net to grieve, to reset and discover a sense of freedom to let go into life again with a new direction infused with purpose and endless possibilities.

She draws inspiration from her deep affinity for spirituality and connectivity to nature and the never-ending journey of the human heart. Her devotion for greater awareness and spiritual growth, as well as her own struggles in life and love, are reflected in her teaching and writing. She strives to support, uplift and empower others to walk their own path to healing and growth with courage, authenticity and grace.


There can be confusion around the definition of vinyasa, and with good reason—there are four basic definitions! Overall, vinyasa means the linking of movement (or asana) with breath, however it also refers to a specific synchronized sequence of poses that is used to transition between sustained postures. When used as a description for a style of yoga, it refers to a creative flowing class (at the teachers discretion), linking breath and movement and often times with music. The least familiar definition refers to setting an intention for one’s personal yoga practice and taking the necessary steps toward reaching that goal.

Personally I gravitate to the Vinyasa style of yoga because I like the freedom it gives me to create movement that is in tune to the natural rhythms of my body and to honor myself wherever I am on any given day. It enables me to finely listen to what I need and to answer that need with a multitude of poses linked together in an intimate dance of breath, movement, and intention that leaves me feeling inspired, soothed and calm. When I meet myself honestly on my mat, my yoga becomes a moving meditation and prayer where thought is second to movement and movement second to breath.

This freedom to create enables me to help students find a flow that is in sync with their own bodies. Encouraging them to listen to their own internal wisdom, individuals will be guided into a pose or sequence that is perfect for where they are in their practice, their day and that very present moment.


B.A., Environmental Science, University of Virginia
NASM Personal Trainer
NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist

RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) – Nosara Yoga Institute
Foundational & Therapeutic Thai Yoga Bodywork Massage
Retreat Coordinator – The Retreat at Veritas


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