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Journey to Awakening Balance

About Lynsie

There is an understanding now that all the perceived obstacles in my life were really only doorways to transformation and I was being called to find my courage, to find my strength to walk through those doors and leave my stories of pain, resentment and anger behind. To step into a new way of being. It is time to help and support others as they find their courage, their own unique path, their own transformation and to stand together in awe of the great mystery of life. This is what
Journey to Awakening Balance means to me — Awakening to our highest potential.

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Common Ground Healing Arts

Vinyasa Yoga or Flow Yoga is a hugely popular and dynamic style of yoga that emphasizes the connections between breath and movement, mind and body, strength and flexibility, effort and ease (sthira and sukha).

Often times, the pace of a Vinyasa yoga class doesn’t allow time to breakdown each part of the Vinyasa sequence in detail. In this 6-week series we will take ample time and an easy pace to ensure full understanding of the alignment of the foundational poses and transitions in a flow class. We will also practice the fundamentals of the breath that will help you flow with more meditative ease, confidence, grace, and strength.

You will receive lots of individual attention from an experienced teacher and have opportunities to ask questions.

At the end of this series you will:

– Gain a physical understanding of the alignment of key poses in Vinyasa yoga
– Explore the foundational breathing techniques and how to apply them in a sequence
– Understand the key transitions and their modifications in a flow class, including downward facing dog, upward facing dog, plank, and chaturanga
– Leave feeling confident to attend a Vinyasa class
– Experience how Vinyasa yoga can create a balanced experience physically, mentally and spiritually

This workshop is suitable for both beginners and seasoned practitioners looking to deepen and refine their understanding of the elements of the Vinyasa sequence.

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Downtown Class

Tuesday 4:15pm
Friday 5:45pm
Saturday 11:30am

Santosha (Crozet)

Thursday 4:30pm | Vinyasa Flow | Level 1-2
Thursday 6:00pm | Vinyasa Flow | Level 2

Working Together

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C'ville Satsang, Working Together, Lynsie Mckeown

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About 10 years ago, Deepak Chopra was asked in an interview, “What do you think is the biggest disconnecting factor – what is disconnecting us from our personal powers to make things happen?” Although a decade ago, his answer still rings true today. “It takes a certain crisis in the world to make us realize […]

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Kind Words….


“Lynsie is a wonderful yoga teacher in so many ways. I took my first class from Lynsie several years ago and knew immediately that she was a “complete” and experienced teacher. She has a talent for incorporating the spiritual aspects of yoga as well as the physical components which makes her classes top notch!!! She is always very well prepared, has wonderful variety in her poses and offers constructive adjustments in a gentle and positive way. Lynsie has a perfect balance in her classes and I come away from her classes, stretched both mentally and physically and feel grateful that she came into my life several years ago. Besides being a wonderful instructor, she is a beautiful human being with so much to offer”.


“Lynsie is highly skilled at teaching both the spiritual and physical aspects of yoga to students ranging from beginners to advanced practitioners. She smoothly incorporates mindfulness, breathing, balance, flexibility and strength into her sessions. Her sessions are at once welcoming, challenging and restorative. For me, the study of yoga under Lynsie’s guidance has contributed materially to health of body and mind”.


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